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Welcome to Shaffer’s Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Supplies

For many years, our founder Doug Shaffer, and the new team at Shaffer's Restaurant Equipment, have provided the area with high-quality restaurant and kitchen supplies. Whether you are cooking for a small group or a whole restaurant, Shaffer's Restaurant Equipment has the proper kitchen tools. We are the only source for cooking supplies in Citrus County, FL, and the area's local restaurants, food vendors, and wholesalers. We even have supplies for local food truck vendors.

Visit Our Showroom

Shaffer's Restaurant Equipment is not only for professional chefs! We are also open to the public for residential kitchen cookware for your home. We have a much larger inventory to choose from than most super stores. We carry over 100,000 kitchen items in stock! Everything from stainless steel stock pots to fry pans and fry baskets as well as all the utensils, flatware, plates and tumblers you might need. And we carry all kinds of specialty kitchen items like garlic presses, spatulas, scales, vegetable peelers, whisks, can openers, thermometers and much more! If you do not see what you like, we can special order for you, too! Visit our 3 showrooms, and experience the great service and selection for yourself!

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